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KL Maschinenbau We are the specialists for measuring the power on tractors, other agriculture machines and diesel-engines. EGGERS-Dynamometers, leading in Europe with practical, robust and proven technology. read more

Eggers-Dynamometer Engine performance is one of the most important parameters of a tractor. The mobile PTO powerbrake EGGERS dynamometer allows rapid assessment of agricultural and construction equipment. read more

TDT measuring system TDT is a producer-independent inexpensive measuring system for tractors, engines, construction machines, etc. read more

Consumption measurement tool We continued to research continuously as well as our experiences of many years into the advancement put. The result: We developed a consumption measuring instrument, which is convincing in accuracy, handling and economy. read more

Software You will find our products in the final assembly line of nearly all the renowned tractor manufactors, as well as in training and development centers worldwide. We provide regular software updates and support. read more

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Special test stands

We manufacture customised test stands specifically for industry customers. These are used to measure force, rotation speed and power. There is also a wide range of application, since both static and dynamic measurement is possible at practically every shaft that transfers force. The torque range in this case is between 1 and 50,000 Nm, while speed measurements and adjustments are possible from 2 – 5000 min-1 (or higher in special cases). We also manufacture test stands to measure hydraulic pressure and flow and for temperature measurements.

The performance test stands can be designed as endurance test stands or for short-term measurements, while control is either manual or digital, via our special software. Our Power-Control software is generally used to document and safeguard the data. Special solutions, individually tailored to each customer, are naturally also possible on request.

Industry customers in all areas deploy our performance test stands and use them for testing and production control (see excerpt from our reference list). The size of our company means the planning and production departments are closely aligned. This helps us respond swiftly to specific customer requests, even while manufacturing is ongoing.

We are more than happy to draw up a quotation for your special application and to assist you in an advisory capacity. Put us to the test!

LKW Prüfstand mobiler Einachserprüfstand

Lorry test stand under lifting platform, measurement performed on cardan shaft drive

test stand for measuring single-axle tractors

hydraulischer Prüfstand hydraulischer Prüfstand

Hydraulic test stand for measuring harvesters and tractors

Hydraulic test stand with an external cooling system

Einbaupüfstand Fahrrollenstand

Special test stand

Castor stand for adjustment work during operation

Kleingeräte Prüfstand Fremdfabrikate

Universal test bench for measuring small equipment engines

Display for upgrading from other manufacturers, with possibility of transfer to the software

Kettensäge Prüfstand Prüfstand für Kleinstmotoren

Chainsaw test stand to measure chainsaws

Dynamometer for measuring small engines

Motorenprüfstand Motorenprüfstand

MT 40 for measuring small engines

Engine test stand for the direct measurement

stationärer Einachserprüfstand  

EH 2400 for measuring single-axle tractors

Grubenprüfstand Motorenbock

Pit-design PT 280 Voith for final inspection

test stand MT 80 with engine mount